Sisters in Harmony, Nelson BC

About Zoey Wren

Zoey Wren is a spiritual consultant, singer-songwriter, sound healer, and writer.  She is passionate about women’s circles, goddess awakening, and the return of the Divine Feminine.  Growing up in the mountains of British Columbia, Zoey channeled the beauty and silence around her into musical creations and dreamed of touching many souls one day with her words and songs.  After living in Montreal, California, and Vancouver BC, and training in many healing modalities, she returned to her hometown of Nelson, BC in 2018 to bring healing through coaching, circle leading, and voice.

In 2014, Zoey was honored to be Heather’s very first Sisters in Harmony trainee!  She attended a Sisters in Harmony class with Heather via Skype, then trained privately with Heather to get her circle up and running.  For the past 7 years, Zoey has been leading women’s song circles in person and online and is thrilled to be a part of this glorious movement of women and song!  Zoey has produced 3 original albums: Light on the Water, Make Me a River, and Sounding the Chakras.

About Sisters in Harmony, Nelson BC

Our Nelson circle is a gathering of hearts and voices, a space to drop in and let down our walls. It is a place to express our authentic selves together as women. This is a multi-level group of both experienced singers and women who have always wanted to sing! It is a safe and supportive space for all voices.

We sing songs and chants from different traditions. We practice harmony, sing as one voice, open our voices fully, and learn how to sing with more ease and freedom. We offer singing and sound healing for our community, ourselves, and the earth. Our intention is to lift one another up as sisters and to spread our joy outward to lift the vibration of this planet!


Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Contact | [email protected] | phone/text: 778-872-8162