Flora Ware & EarthSong Temple Singing Circles

About Flora

Flora Ware is a Sacred Sound Priestess and founder of EarthSong Temple where she serves a global community through ceremony, singing circles, and earth magic. As a Vocal Coach, she helps spiritual entrepreneurs become confident speakers and get booked on podcasts and stages, so they can attract more clients and share their message with the world. In 1993, her mother brought 14-year-old Flora to a full moon women’s circle. She remembered she was a Celtic witch and has been on a spiritual path of devotion to the Divine Feminine ever since. Flora has had a lifelong love affair with the voice, resulting in a lifelong dedication to honing her own. She has a career background in professional music and theater, marketing and business. Flora believes that our voices are magical instruments for healing and manifestation, and loves nothing more than helping women express their medicine and magic. In addition to moon rituals and deep conversations with her soul sisters, Flora loves hiking, swimming, dancing, singing, and eating anything covered in pesto! She lives in Vernon, BC, Canada with her wife and young wizard-in-training. You can visit her online at https://floraware.ca

About EarthSong Temple Singing Circles

Live and virtual song ceremonies to raise our voices in devotion and harmony.


Free your voice and explore singing in a safe and sacred space?

Discover the power of chant as a spiritual practice?

Celebrate the Goddess through song with other women?

Then come to the next Singing Circle with Flora Ware and EarthSong Temple!

During these 90 minute singing circles we will:

Create a safe and sacred space for vocalization and discover deeper enjoyment of singing

Turn your prayers into melodies, and the melodies into “song spells” in musical ritual

Explore intuitive vocal expression, devotional chanting, and harmonizing

Celebrate the divine feminine through sisterhood and song

No previous musical training required! This isn’t about how “well” you sing, but being willing to sing. You will be nourished by the magic of song weaving and harmonizing with other women!


Vernon, BC, Canada & Online

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