LissinSong: A Sisters in Harmony Circle

About Lissin

Lissin has been singing since she popped out of the womb.  She believes in the power of song and singing together to uplift our spirits and create connections ~ which are vital to healing and balancing the injustices in the world. Lissin is thrilled to be part of Heather’s Sisters in Harmony Song Leader community and is also a graduate of Lisa G. Littlebird’s Flight School Song Leader Training. Lissin brings song leading to her many projects and passions. For over 20 years she has practiced Vibrational Healing, using sound and toning for pleasure and healing. Lissin offers Sound Healing sessions and Sound Circle experiences for individuals and groups.

She presents Environmental Edutainment through circus, storytelling, magic and song as Director of EarthCapades Family Theater with her partner, Hearty. Lissin also serves as an independent Life-Cycle Celebrant® and as Sheli’ach Tzibbur, or Service Leader, for the Coastside Jewish Community, a progressive, post-denominational community in San Mateo County, California. She can be found at,, and

About LissinSong: A Sisters in Harmony Circle

Lissin looks forward to holding regular circles when it feels safe to sing indoors together again. She is planning an outdoor all-gender circle by the beach in Pacifica in the late summer/fall 2022 ~ reach out if you are interested in learning more.


Pacifica, California

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