River Sisters in Harmony

About Paula Peach

Paula Peach has been teaching music for over twenty years, privately and in schools and wherever the opportunity presented itself. She co-directed for almost five years a Threshold Choir, which began her journey to use singing for healing and at bedside. Most recently, she is leading women’s group song and frame drum circles, in her sacred cob “Tyyne Temple”, behind her home in Auburn, California in the Sierra Foothills.

After raising two boys, Paula and her husband of over forty years also teach ceramic classes in their PeachArts studio, also on their property.

About River Sisters in Harmony

We Sing, Drum & Play together as women to empower, inspire & uplift each other through love. As we collaborate to raise our positive sound vibrations we begin to discover our own inherit abilities & so we then can begin to heal ourselves & those around us!


Auburn, California

Contact | [email protected] | (530) 210-5951