Sisters in Harmony South Bay

About Gretchen and Rachel

Gretchen Vogel comes from a very musical family, singing rounds in the car and on holidays with her sisters and her opera-singer mother. Gretchen enjoys singing with her church choir and directing her local elementary school chorus. Most recently, she’s been leading women’s song circles in the South Bay with her co-leader, Rachel Caruana. They are both graduates of Heather Houston’s Song and Chant Leader Training and love creating a sacred space for women to come together and sing heart-centered songs.

Rachel Caruana has been singing most of her life, whether she’s in the shower or in the car. She currently attends college majoring in psychology. Rachel loves writing music in her downtime. She also comes from an Italian family, where the women love to sing!

About Sisters in Harmony South Bay

Singing circles for women. Experience the power of women’s voices rising in harmony!

Learn to free your voice, sing healing and empowering chants, relax with vocal meditation, harmonize, and feel your joy expand through singing with women! We use the call and response oral tradition style of singing. All women’s voices, all ages, and all ability levels are welcome.

Gretchen and Rachel are your co- song leaders, trained by the inspirational Heather Houston in Santa Cruz, now offering song circles in Cupertino. Please check out one of our introductory classes.


Cupertino, California

Contact | [email protected]

Gretchen Vogel – 408-242-7062 | Rachel Caruana – 408-960-9691