Elevated Expression: A Sisters in Harmony Song Circle

About Sheniqua

Sheniqua Trotman is a singer-songwriter, community leader and mother. She has toured in both the US and Europe with artists such as Diana Ross and other notable musicians. Sheniqua has found her life path and greatest joy through sharing music with others. She founded Elevated Expression as a way to share music with her community through singing. She lives and creates in Brooklyn New York with her partner and daughter.

You can follow her journey on IG @_elevatedexpression

About Elevated Expression: A Sisters in Harmony Song Circle

Elevated Expression Singing Circle is an immersion in sound, creativity, and community. It challenges all participants to play, sing, invent, imagine, and explore. In the circle, we make music, build trust, take risks, and embrace life to the fullest. Every song, every voice has a place in the circle.

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Brooklyn, New York

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