WildHearth — a Sisters in Harmony circle

About Tara de Jersey

Tara is part wild woman, part earth mother, part keeper of the land, part tantric goddess, and part inspirer of all things edgy and magical and feminine in our world. Tara lives, embodies and walks her talk. She is real and in all the messiness she is a beacon for other women, a light who shines a way to greater self-love, self-acceptance and juicy connection, with a direct relationship to mother earth. She lives on the small Island of Guernsey, surrounded by salty air and the sounds of the sea. She first stood in a circle of singing humans in her 20’s on a teacher training course for Permaculture where she sang across the valley and felt it in her cells, which she never forgot. Then singing to her children in womb and in-arms, later bringing song to her women’s circles and community gatherings. Connection to Source and sexuality weaves through her work. Her path has been trodden, with the knowledge that we are born to make noise and she advocates breaking the silence to express through sound and have that as a tool to our life-kit.

About WildHearth — a Sisters in Harmony circle

Join Tara around the hearth on the land at WildGuernsey to reach a place of reverence with Nature through using your own instrument that Nature knows and recognises, your sound. She will lead simple songs that sing alongside you, so that you can sync together with other women and sink down within you, back to our true unwrapped selves and into the depths of Earth so that we can hear the wild calling of life. Make noise, breathe so that you and others in your Tribe can hear your aliveness, move to your rhythm, and feel your root respond to the awakening of the energy that you create. Singing stimulates our vagus nerve, taps into our primal self, reminding our bodies of the ancient way of having song to calm and connect. Singing will arise in Nature connection permaculture family groups, ‘Mother Nature Circles’, ‘Deeply Rooted Women’ gatherings and one-off ‘rest and replenish’ stays on the land. Details on website www.wildguernsey.co.uk


Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

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