Song Circle

About Alexia

Alexia Parenzee is a song leader and passionate songwriter based in Western Australia. Alexia’s circles are a relaxed space to explore singing in a group, learning various song styles such as call and response, rounds, and layer songs, rich with harmony and texture. Alexia’s passion for her research in cultural mythology lends itself to a diverse repertoire of circle songs being explored that weave culture, tradition, and singing together. Alexia has over 10 years experience working as a professional musician and songwriter. In 2020 Alexia completed studies in Songwriting and Mythology facilitated by Lydia Violet and Leah Song (Rising Appalachia) before going on to further study and complete her Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training in June 2021. Alexia is currently studying to become a vocal teacher.

About Song Circle

Song Circle is a community singing circle for everyone — no experience needed! If you love to sing and want to explore singing together with others in a fun way, this is for you. This circle is led by Alexia Parenzee, a Sisters in Harmony accredited facilitator.


Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia

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