Wind Song

About Karena

Karena Elise is a west coast based creative, song leader, photographer and writer. Currently, Karena hosts weekly community song circles, singing workshops, and private voice coaching.

“I want you to become confident in making sound to express yourself, to comfort yourself, and to play. No experience necessary, just come as you are!” —Karena

About Wind Song

I want to provide a safe space to explore and experience your voice while in community with others pursuing the same goal. Facilitated with the Sisters in Harmony approach, we sing chants, harmonies, traditional tribal, and many more styles. I want you to become confident in making sounds to express yourself, comfort yourself, and play. No experience is necessary, just come as you are!

I will be leading from different outdoor locations in Central California (weather permitting) via Zoom, so come check out where I will be each week! I am located in Grover Beach but plan to lead in the surrounding areas of Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, San Luis Obispo, Avila, Los Osos, and Morro Bay.

Because we will be on Zoom, you will be muted while singing due to internet lag and so everyone can hear me give instructions. The benefit is that you get to practice without any worry of being heard. My hope is that this will open you up to play and explore your own voice.

The time will be loosely organized to include a welcome, some light stretching and warming up the voice, light breath work, learning songs by call and response, and time to connect with each other. I will pick a mixture of songs for each week, some we’ve learned and some new, some for the season, some for my mood (haha).

I hope you will give yourself this time to get what you need, may that be a new song to hum throughout the week, a new friend, time for introspection, or just lighthearted play!


Grover Beach, California & Reno, Nevada

Contact | [email protected] | 775-636-9145‬