Heart & Soul Singing in Santa Barbara

About Wendy Kunkel

Wendy loves sharing and encouraging creative Heart & Soul expression, Spiritual Psychology, holistic health and bodywork, coaching and teaching. She shares singing and dancing to nurture our hearts and Souls, and to assist us living our most authentic, loving joyful, and healthy lives. Singing uplifting songs changes our vibration, calms our nervous systems, and can help us live more of what we want in our lives. Wendy loves to share music, joy, love, healing and harmony with others to bless ourselves, our community, and our whole beautiful world…

Wendy’s Website: https://bodymindspirit.love
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfoGbTRwAGJDddWuPkclow
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wendy-kunkel-327245775

About Heart & Soul Singing in Santa Barbara

Uplifting, healing & inspiring community singing events. Sing from your Heart & Soul, learning short and meaningful songs through the vocal tradition of call and echo. Songs are inspiring, fun & healing. Results include connection, peace, harmony joy, aliveness & vitality! Wendy’s motto is: “Heartfelt expression – NOT perfection..” All are welcome! No singing experience or skill required. Visit the website for current events and more information: https://bodymindspirit.love/classes/singing


Santa Barbara, California

Contact | [email protected] | 818-964-1112