Santa Cruz Threshold Singers

About Marti Mariette

Marti is a songwriter, artist, workshop facilitator, and songwriter. She’s led song circles with Threshold Choir for over 17 years. Her experience singing bedside for hospice clients brings kindness and calm to her leading style. You’ll feel safe and held singing with her while learning simple beautiful songs and harmonies. Marti values coming together in song as we walk this sacred earth together and deepen our sense of community. She’s known to break into song in all the best places!

About Santa Cruz Threshold Singers

Santa Cruz Threshold Singers are part of Threshold Choir, a volunteer organization offering the gift of song at tender times. We sing when invited for people moving through a significant time of passage, our voices are a gift offered at no charge. We are spiritual but have no religious affiliation. We hope through our gentle voices to create community through song and moments of grace for good things to happen for us all.


Santa Cruz, California & Online Monthly Song Bath

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