Tahoe Sisters in Harmony

About Peggy Lindquist and Susan Giacobazzi

Peggy Lindquist has an enthusiasm for the joy that singing brings to all who use their voice. She loves to welcome women into the fold at Tahoe Sisters in Harmony and will make you feel like you’re part of the family! Our group meets at Peggy’s art studio, where we can be inspired by all forms of creativity!

Susan Giacobazzi began singing at a young age and continues to find a place for music anywhere she can find space in her life. As the song leader, she loves to help singers find the best part of their voice and adds tips and tricks as we go. Susan’s favorite part about song leading is the moment when singers realize they CAN sing a harmony part after all!

Susan and Peggy had both moved to Tahoe full time recently when they met at a garage sale! As they talked about all things creative, they instantly knew they were meant to be friends. Before they knew it, this idea of bringing a women’s song circle to North Tahoe was born!

About Tahoe Sisters in Harmony

Come sing with us! If singing brings you joy, then this group is for you. Our women’s singing circle is about connection and increasing our collective vibration. We sing together weekly, using a huge variety of songs that are easy to learn and sing. We teach with a call and response method, so no singing or music reading experience is required! We also keep experienced singers challenged with plenty of harmonies and descant parts.

We take pride in the array of songs we offer — primarily the type with harmonies that give you chills, and that keep you humming all week long. We started our group in Tahoe to sing, but also to create a community. Having a place to use our voices together, to learn songs together, reminds us that we “belong .”

Tahoe Sisters in Harmony is a safe place to explore your own voice, to hear your own voice, and to claim your own voice! We operate on a drop-in basis, so each week a different mix of women comes to sing together, creating a unique flavor each session. This makes it easy for members to come at any time of the season!

Come join us Mondays 6:30 — 8:00 pm at Muse Art Studio, 855 N Lake Blvd, in Tahoe City (across from Safeway).

Also, look for a new daytime session coming early 2020! Your first visit is always complimentary, so come sing, chat, and check us out. We can’t wait to sing with you!


Tahoe City, California

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