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About Sarah Bentley

Sarah is a song catcher, song carrier, and song leader based in Austin, Texas. She gracefully weaves the art of embodied singing, mindful movement, ritual, and communal prayer into her circles. Sarah started singing as a child and has performed as a singer/songwriter. She draws on her studies in integrative medicine (qigong, yoga, meditation), health promotion, behavioral science, and community resilience to provide a rich and healing experience for her participants. Sarah is a certified Sisters in Harmony song leader and offers regular women’s and inclusive singing experiences around Austin and online. Sarah is also a Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation practitioner and is a devoted ally and activist of diversity and inclusion. Her experience leading intentionally diverse groups in circle processes has prepared her to recognize and facilitate discussions around race/microaggressions should they arise in the course of singing circles.

Sarah is available to co-facilitate at workshops & retreats. Contact me to discuss details.

About Heart Body Song — Sisters in Harmony Austin

I believe blending and harmonizing our voices is pure magical elixir for the soul and for the world! Singing in community has profoundly deepened my experience of embodied spirituality and meaningful connection with others. Sisters in Harmony Austin is a community of women who come together to explore singing as a resource for living fully. We practice freeing our voices as we learn lyrics, harmonies, layers, and parts. As we deepen our relationships with the songs, so to do our heart connections deepen with one another. Together we become a communal support system where we explore joy, grief, gratitude, sisterhood, authentic expression, and more through vocal expression and song. We practice sacred witness with each other, in a safe and brave container of song and exploration. Find more details about upcoming series and events on my website.



Austin, Texas

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