Heart Body Song — Women’s Sacred Singing Circles

About Sarah

Sarah is a song leader, song catcher, and song carrier, based in Austin, Texas. She gracefully weaves the art of embodied singing, mindful movement, ritual, and communal prayer into her circles. Sarah started singing as a child and has performed as a singer/songwriter. She draws on her studies in integrative medicine (qigong, yoga, meditation), health promotion, behavioral science, and community resilience to provide a rich and healing experience for her participants.

About Heart Body Song — Women’s Sacred Singing Circles

During each new moon, we gather outside in community to sing our intentions, to manifest our prayers. Singing can be a spiritual practice, a way of tuning to the divine. Singing can be healing, as we free our voices and quiet our minds. Sacred singing is more about tuning into the vibration of the sound in your body and less about how you sound. Singing with women helps us to feel safe and free to authentically express ourselves.



Austin, Texas

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