Wild Creative Song Circle

About Jan

Jan Estep is an artist, writer, and educator who explores creativity through a mindfulness-based lens. Her approach is informed by over two decades as a university professor of art, philosophy, and yoga and extensive professional engagement in the creative arts and somatic practices. She considers song another way to creatively express ourselves. With the body as the instrument, the mind full of images and ideas, and the soul intuiting the way, we have everything we need already within us to sing.

Drawing on a dynamic roster of community leaders, Jan has studied song leading and voice with Heather Houston (Sisters in Harmony), Lisa G. Littlebird (Flight School), Barbara McAfee (Full Voice), Snatam Kaur (Kirtan and Harmonium), and Mike Cohen (Kirtan and Harmonium), and circle leading with Chris Maddox (Wild Woman Project). Jan holds community song circles online and in-person in the Cortez/Dolores area of rural, southwest Colorado. She offers an ongoing all-gender song circle on the third or fourth Saturday of each month at the Dolores Public Library.

About Wild Creative Song Circle

Grounding in the body,
vocalizing on the breath wave,
freeing our sound for release and expansion:
Singing together lifts and clears our energy,
and connects us to the wild spirit
that runs through everything.

Join with others for Wild Creative Song Circles to explore the imaginative and joyous aspects of your voice. In each gathering, we warm up the body with gentle movement, breath work, and mindful vocal exercises, then move into singing and chanting. First learning songs in a call and response style, and then singing in unison and harmony once we learn the parts. The circles are an invitation to add your uniquely colored voice to the whole.

We sing songs that are in turns traditional and contemporary, folk and spiritual, poignant and playful, moody and upbeat. We’ll sing to the sun and sky, to heal our broken hearts, to remember our light, and to make each other laugh.

Based in the southwest corner of Colorado, Wild Creative Song Circles are held in person and online. While the pandemic reigns and weather permitting, we meet outdoors in person and online otherwise.

Visit my website for schedule and registration, www.janestep.com/song-circles


Cortez/Dolores, Colorado

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