Olympia Sisters in Harmony

About Fehlya

Fehlya (FAY-Leah) Ehrlander is an enthusiastic song leader, Full Voice coach, and family educator in Olympia, Washington. It’s her mission to bring more ease and joy to each moment of life through mindfulness and the transformational power of singing. She’s a St. John’s College graduate and a healing arts graduate, a former Waldorf teacher, certified Simplicity Parenting leader, and childbirth educator, as well as a Flightschool and a Sisters in Harmony song leader graduate. Fehlya lives with her husband and their three young boys in a home filled with music.

About Olympia Sisters in Harmony

Olympia Sisters in Harmony is a welcoming community of women who enjoy singing as a vessel to connect with the self, with each other, with the natural world, and with spiritual inspiration. We share, move, play games, and utilize various creative paths to engage with the power of song. Our focus is on feeling the joy of singing and inviting that joy to permeate our lives.


Olympia, Washington

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