Earth Angels Sisters in Harmony Circle of Song

About Margaret

Margaret Ross lives in Sarina North Queensland Australia and has been intuitively singing and accepting song for as long as she can remember. A weaver of words and ancient sounds. The holder of space on sacred ground gathering people in unity of voice. Every moment, every breath is filled with the need, the desire to hear the world sing. Combining her knowledge of breath, body, and movement she creates sessions, workshops, and retreats to explore and carefully nurture the opening of hearts, the releasing of voice and the holding of space where positivity and possibility begin.

Earth Angels Sisters in Harmony Circle of Song

Her passion is to empower people through voice and create circles of songs where everyone can come to experience the joy, the energy, the healing & the connective power of song. A space where you are welcome, a lovingly inclusive space where you can feel, express and heal. Where the singing of simplistic uplifting songs open your heart and set your spirit free. A place where your voice is needed, wanted, encouraged and where harmony happens.


Sarina & Mackay region Queensland Australia

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