Sing for Joy! ~A Sisters in Harmony Circle

About Mahada Thomas

Mahada is a wild woman who has been on the path of the Spiritual warrior. Through her healing journey she has become a Reiki Master teacher, sound healer, writer, and Munay Ki Earth Keeper. She is presently exploring healing through joy, song and harmony. A recent graduate of Sisters In Harmony song leadership training, she is excited to start sharing in her communities. This includes Penticton, Cawston, Summerland, Naramata and Tofino.

For 25 years Mahada has been discovering and developing her voice through singing, toning, and chanting. Freeing the voice has been a vital part of her healing. She believes the voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument we have. It is her passion to empower and inspire others in their healing, and to help people find their authentic voice.

Mahada also offers a workshop series, “Healing through the chakras with sacred sound and song,” as well as toning classes to help people discover their organic voice. Her latest mission is to light pathways of joy in the nervous system through singing. She loves to share sacred space in community whether that be in ceremony, or singing circles.

About Sing for Joy! ~A Sisters in Harmony Circle

Feel held and supported in community. Feel empowered in your voice. Feel free with your expression. Be a voice for the Divine Feminine rising. Heal the body, mind and spirit through joy. Sing for Joy circles are focused on singing for the way it makes us feel, not just how we sound.


Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

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