Singing Heals Song Circles

About Sarah

Sarah MacEwan (she/her), aka The Singing Therapist, is on a mission to heal and be healed through creative self-expression. As a psychotherapist, singer, storyteller and grief-tender, Sarah brings her open heart and emotional expertise to every circle she leads, knowing that singing is a therapeutic experience like no other. Sing with her at her Singing Heals Song Circles, or join her for the healing at

About Singing Heals Song Circles

Singing is a unique and powerful tool for healing. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces cortisol and stress levels, releases endorphins and oxytocin, and enhances our sense of empathy and social connection. But even more than that, singing is a dynamic, THERAPEUTIC tool that allows our emotions to process and move through us in a way that thinking or talking simply cannot do. So join me as we use the extraordinary power of song to get out of our heads and into our hearts. An accessible and community-based approach to singing, my circles are a safe space for us to sing, feel and heal together, as we were always meant to do. GENDER INCLUSIVE, no singing experience required. Your voice is needed here. Come connect with your heart and transform how you feel.


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